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Welcome to Empire Food Catering Pte Ltd – a renowned caterer service provider in Singapore! Experience our delectable mini buffet, high tea buffet, bento catering, vegetarian buffet, bbq buffet, healthy tingkat, and other best buffet catering in Singapore. Whether it’s a buffet, corporate event, wedding, or any important gathering, our exquisite dishes are sure to please and satisfy.

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Daily Meals Delivery

Buffet Catering Menu

Elite Banquet ($18.60)
(8 Courses and 1 Beverage Minimum 30 Pax)
Executive Royal ($21.60)
(9 Courses and 1 Beverage Minimum 25 Pax)
Exquisite Premium ($24.60)
(9 Courses and 1 Beverage Minimum 25 Pax)

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Mini Buffet Catering Menu

– Oriental Chinese
– Western Paradise
– Malay Spices Delight
– Japanese and Korean Fusion
– Taste of Thailand

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High Tea Menu

Enchanted High Tea ($13.60)
(8 Courses and 1 Beverage Minimum 30 Pax)
Elegance High Tea ($15.60)
(9 Courses and 1 Beverage Minimum 25 Pax)

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Vegetarian Buffet Menu

Earthy Vegetarian Menu ($16.60)
(6 Courses and 1 Beverage Minimum 30 Pax)
Exotic Vegetarian Menu ($19.60)
(7 Courses and 1 Beverage Minimum 25 Pax)

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Bento Box Menu

Essential Bento Box Menu ($8.60)
(1 Steamed Rice / Brown Rice + 3 Side Dishes Minimum 20 Packets)
Energise Bento Box Menu ($11.60)
(1 Main Course + 4 Side Dishes Minimum 10 Packets)
Enjoyment Bento Box Menu ($14.60)
(1 Main Course + 4 Side Dishes Minimum 10 Packets)

Daily Meals Delivery

Tingkat Menu

All our food are low in cholesterol, low in salt, uses pure vegetable oil and no MSG.

We have a wide variety of dishes and we change our menu regularly.
We strive to constantly update our menu with new & creative variations every time!

Best Catering and Tingkat Singapore

Ready to elevate your event or even a simple day with our flavourful food selection and catering services? Contact us today to experience the best buffet catering in Singapore. Let us take care of the culinary journey while you create unforgettable moments. Enjoy your gatherings with ease and taste excellence with us!


What types of events do you cater to with your mini buffet catering service?

We cater to a wide range of events, including but not limited to birthdays, corporate gatherings, weddings, small parties, and more. Our catering service is versatile and tailored to suit various occasions.

Can I customise the menu to accommodate specific dietary needs or preferences?

Yes, we offer customisable menus to cater to your specific dietary requirements and preferences. Whether it’s vegetarian, vegan, no pork no lard, international menu, or any other special request, our team ensures a menu that suits your needs.

How is the food prepared and delivered to ensure its freshness and quality?

Our food is prepared with the freshest ingredients and with strict quality control measures. We employ efficient delivery methods and packaging designed to maintain the freshness and quality of the dishes.

What is the minimum and maximum order size for your Buffet Catering?

Our catering service is flexible, accommodating both small and large gatherings. There’s no strict minimum order size, and we can cater to groups of various sizes. For larger events, we’re equipped to handle significant orders.

What are the ordering and payment procedures for booking your catering service?

Ordering is simple! You can reach out to us via our hotline 68169119, Whatsapp to 91909119, email, or through our website’s inquiry form. Once the details are confirmed, we’ll guide you through the payment process, which can be done securely online or through other convenient methods.